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2014 June 4 - 10 [SDF]

SDF secretly studied how to wage war abroad

June 7, 2014
It has come to light that Japan’s Air Self-Defense Force had conducted independent research on waging war abroad.

Japanese Communist Party Lower House member Kasai Akira revealed this fact on June 6 at a House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting by showing the ASDF’s internal document. The Defense Ministry admitted to the fact.

The document is a research report compiled by the ASDF Staff College in March 2006.

That report stressed the need for the ASDF to “develop and clarify” its basic point of view regarding the operation of air defense capabilities in anticipation of a future “constitutional revision” to allow the state to exercise the right to collective self-defense. It also noted that it is necessary for the ASDF to change its conventional “passive attitude” toward politics and to “independently discuss” its possible military operations beyond the current legal framework.

As subjects of the research, the paper listed three items: attacks on enemy bases; operations against nuclear attacks; and military operations in outer space.

In March 2011, the ASDF drew up a “fundamental doctrine” in accordance with the report. They have been working to promulgate the policy to all members.

In his interpellation, Kasai pointed out that the ASDF violates the principle of civilian control by moving ahead with the war-related studies independently of political discussions.

Senior Vice Minister of Defense Takeda Ryota endorsed the ASDF’s studies, saying, “Conducting research is different from taking actions.”

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