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2014 November 26 - December 2 [WELFARE]

Elderly with disabilities call on state for better care services

November 26, 2014
The National Conference to Support the Life and Right of Disabled Persons (Shozenkyo) on November 25 made representations to the Welfare Ministry demanding that the state improve welfare programs for persons with disabilities. Around 150 people took part in this action.

The participants protested against the ministry’s policy to force disabled persons aged over 65 to use nursing care insurance to receive care services.

A man from Kyoto City talked about a case of a disabled person he knows. The person, who used to receive care benefits for free under the welfare program for the disabled, started using the nursing care insurance after turning 65. As a result, the person now has to shoulder 10% of the cost of the service despite reduced services covered.

The Welfare Ministry explains that if an elder recipient needs more services than offered by the nursing care insurance, he/she can receive services from the welfare program. However, in reality, only those who have the severest disabilities are allowed to apply for such an additional benefit in Okayama City, a man from the city explained to the ministry officials.

In a rally held after the representations, Shozenkyo Secretary General Shirasawa Hitoshi pointed out that improvement in the welfare programs is the point at issue for the organization in the upcoming general election. He added that an advance of the Japanese Communist Party would play an important role in realizing the demands of the disabled and their families.

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