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2007 April 4 - 10 [JCP]

JCP-backed candidate loses Tokyo gubernatorial election

April 9, 2007
Progressive independent candidate Yoshida Manzo supported by the Japanese Communist Party lost the Tokyo gubernatorial election held on April 8. Ishihara Shintaro, backed by the Liberal Democratic and Komei parties, was reelected to the governorship.

The results are:
Ishihara Shintaro 2,811,486
Asano Shiro (backed by the DPJ) 1,693,323
Yoshida Manzo 629,549

At a news conference later in the day, Yoshida said, “Unfortunately I fell short of my goal, but my appeal during the election campaign changed the political situation in Tokyo and will have a positive effect on the policies of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.”

Yoshida in his campaign promised voters to establish a metropolitan government that will be free from any misuse of the government for the governor’s benefit, shift the use of tax money into welfare services from large-scale development projects, and implement the principles of the Constitution.

Taking a lead in discussions on metropolitan government policies, Yoshida forced Ishihara, who has cut back welfare services, to promise to provide children under 15 years old with free medical care services.

Yoshida called for the cancellation of a metropolitan government plan to relocate the Tsukiji wholesale market to a contaminated site, forcing Ishihara to consider a review of the plan.

Amid the strong public criticism of his misuse of government revealed by the JCP, including the use of tax money for his luxurious overseas trips, Ishihara in his campaign adopted a pose that he had reflected on his misuse of government.
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