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2015 October 7 - 13 [SDF]

SDF in Shiga tried to recruit students in school restrooms with wanted ad printed on toilet paper

October 8, 2015
Akahata on October 7 learned that a PR and HR center of the Self-Defense Forces in Shiga Prefecture had donated toilet paper to six public junior high schools with the goal of recruiting new graduates. The paper had “SDF PERSONNEL WANTED!!” printed on it.

However, met with strong opposition from parents, the local SDF office says it will take back the toilet paper it gave the schools.

The toilet paper is printed with a cute character and a QR code saying, “Please feel free to inquire!”

In response to an Akahata inquiry, the Shiga Provisional Cooperation Office of the SDF answered that it made rolls of this toilet paper in late September as a recruiting ad and distributed four rolls each to six junior high schools owned by Takashima City in Shiga. A PR officer explained to an Akahata reporter that the office “will promptly recall the toilet paper because some people may feel uncomfortable about this”.

Some of the six schools have already used the toilet paper. A concerned parent said, “Children may come to believe that their schools are encouraging them to enlist in the SDF.”

The Takashima City Assemblypersons’ Group of the Japanese Communist Party on October 7 visited the Board of Education of the city, requesting that the city explain to parents and students how this happened.

JCP Assemblyperson Moriwaki Toru said, “Of course, the SDF office should be blamed for upsetting the children and their parents. However, the schools should also be held responsible. Without deeply considering the impact on the students, they easily accepted and distributed the toilet paper donated by the SDF.”

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