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2007 February 14 - 20 [JCP]

Ichida talks with people of faith

February 15, 2007
In a meeting organized by the national association of people of religious faith supporting the Japanese Communist Party in Tokyo on February 14, nearly 100 people talked with JCP Secretariat Head Ichida Tadayoshi, asking him questions ranging from how the JCP thinks about religion and funerals to why it looks so seriously at society.

A Shinshu Otani-ha sect monk raised the question of how they can promote greater cooperation with those who share wishes for peace with them. A Shinto priest said, “While Shinto is generally regarded as conservative, many Shintoists positively respond to our calls when we talk to them in a straightforward manner.” A Tendaishu sect monk said, “It is important to talk about the JCP on a daily basis in local communities.”

As the JCP’s characteristics that “scare the business circle and the Liberal Democratic Party,” Ichida pointed out that the party has a number of branches that are connecting with the public at the grassroots level and that it financially depends on the public.

Asked about how the JCP sees Soka Gakkai, Ichida answered that although the JCP fights with it when it attacks those who have different opinions calling them as “enemies of Buddhism” or when it carries out conspiratorial anti-JCP campaigns, the JCP does not recognize each of its members as an enemy. “Our position is to talk honestly with any persons regardless of their beliefs,” he said.

Ichida also said, “JCP members work hard despite hardships because they feel the joy of contributing to peace and social progress.” A participant said, “I have come to realize that the JCP is straightforward and humane.”

Members of the association took to the streets on the same day to call on passers-by to support the JCP in order to achieve a political change and establish a peaceful society.

One of the monks said, “When we come in touch with the Buddha’s heart of loving all living things and respecting truth and purity, the JCP is the party we can relate to.”
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