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2020 Nov 18 - 24
2020 Nov 11 - 17
2020 Nov 04 - 10

Teachers' union formed at Yamaha music school

Yamaha music instructors will demand through the union that the company improve standards for remunerations, pay compensation for coronavirus-related/sick/injury leave, and pay for extra work other than lessons.

Part-time teachers at public junior high schools win payments for unpaid overtime

The Nagoya City Board of Education in Aichi Prefecture has decided to pay about 1.3 million yen in unpaid overtime wages to five part-time lecturers working at public junior high schools.

Japanese and S. Korean Hibakusha organizations jointly call on nations in Six-Party Talks to ratify N-ban treaty

The Japan Confederation of A- and H-Bomb Sufferers Organizations and its South Korean counterpart sent nations in the Six-Party Talks their joint statement calling on the six countries to ratify the antinuke UN Treaty.

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Women's NGOs in Japan hold its quinquennial convention in Tokyo

Japan's liaison council of the International Women's Year which consists of 34 nationwide women's N...
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