'Top secret' U.S. document says N-weapons can be unloaded at Japanese ports

Japan Gensuikyo calls on government to tell people truth of secret agreement on U.S. nuclear weapons

Japan's civil ports and police must not offer U.S. forces foothold for war -- Akahata editorial, September 1, 2001 (excerpts)

JCP: Don't allow civil ports to be used for military purposes

JCP sets up task force on police supply of information to U.S. Forces

Tokyo plays up role of military forces in disaster relief drill

Recession-affected workers find Zenroren-union a reliable partner

JCP proposes real measures for far-reaching solution to unemployment problems

Record 5 percent unemployment rate is consequence of 'Koizumi reform' -- Akahata editorial, August 29, 2001

Job scarcity for young people puts Japan's future at risk -- Akahata editorial, September 3, 2001 (excerpts)

Putting workers and even the nation's economy in harm's way

Zenroren-affiliated NTT workers union hold sit-in against 100,000 job cuts

Symposium held to discuss ways to fight NTT's massive job cuts

Local government workers union resolved to stop Koizumi's 'structural reform'

Labor disputes involving discrimination settled at 3 NKK plants

Symposium to mark non-aligned movement to be held in Tokyo

JCP in local elections got twice as many votes as it gained in July House of Councilors election

15 postal service officials arrested for election law violation