2002 MAY 29 - JUNE 4 JPS NEWS

Koizumi Cabinet's animosity toward non-nuclear principles -- Akahata editorial, June 2 (June 3)

Diet must grill high official's call for reviewing Three Non-nuclear Principles: JCP (June 3)

Chief cabinet secretary Fukuda must resign -- Akahata editorial, June 4 (June 4)

Nagasaki mayor opposes U.S. aegis destroyer's visit (June 1)

Three Non-nuclear Principles have been confirmed by successive governments as 'national policy' (June 4)

Nagasaki mayor protests against U.S. plan to resume producing ignition system for nuclear warheads (June 3)

Opposition parties demand Fukuda resign (June 4)

3 other sections of Defense Agency have collected personal information (June 4)

Danger of military spying on citizens -- Akahata editorial, May 30

Defense Agency has collected personal information of people who requested information (May 29)

Major construction firms donated 2.6-million dollars to LDP when no dividends were paid (may 30)

Chance to increase international exchanges and promote peace -- Akahata editorial, May 31 (excerpts)

Zenroren calls for wider cooperation for peace and job security (June 1)

Fuwa meets with Hong Kong economic representative in Tokyo (May 29)

JCP international bureau director meets with CPRF delegation (May 29)

Zenroren and Rengo hold sit-in to foil wartime legislation (May 30)

JCP demands government investigate into its approval of blood product causing hepatitis C infections (May 31)

Nagasaki mayor disapproves of U.S. aegis destroyer entering local port (June 1)

Business circles try to tide over difficulty through merger of their organizations (May 29)

JCP proposes reasonable measures on treatment of mentally ill people who committed serious crimes (May 31)

Government ordered to pay for damages in Yokota noise suit (May 31)

Government official avows review of 3 Non-nuclear Principles (June 1)