A major step toward Japan-North Korea normalization talks -- Akahata editorial, September 18

*JCP chair expresses support for Koizumi's decision to resume normalization talks with North Korea (September 19)

World's people won't allow reckless act of hegemonism -- Akahata editorial, September 22 (September 24)

*U.S. marine arrested for assault in Okinawa (September 18)

*Citizens resolve to strengthen anti-wartime legislation campaign (September 20)

*Buddhists hold memorial service for war dead (September 19)

*Fukushima calls for halt to nuclear fuel cycle (September 20)

*JCP proposes 5-point emergency steps to ensure nuclear reactor safety (September 24)

*Small business owners in national rally demand defense of livelihoods (September 19)

*JCP demands BOJ withdraw plan to buy shares from banks (September 20)

*JCP requests Isuzu to stop forcing workers to retire (September 21)

Wage gap, why not treat part-timers equally? -- Akahata editorial, September 21

*Citizens direct anger at Tokyo's welfare cut plans (September 19)

*Hatoyama re-elected DPJ leader (September 24)

*JCP chair receives new Lao ambassador (September 18)

*JCP leaders start national local election campaign speaking tours (September 20)

*Local Akahata festivals (September 24)