2002 DEC 4 - DEC 10 JPS NEWS

Government decides to send JMSDF Aegis ship to Indian Ocean (December 5)

* Japan's decision to send Aegis ship came as a result of U.S. pressure (December 6)

On 61st anniversary of outbreak of the Pacific War -- Akahata editorial, December 8 (excerpts) (December 9)

* Week of 'actions against attack on Iraq and wartime bills' start (December 10)

* Local hearing on Constitution: Majority want Article 9 to be defended (December 10)

* Okinawa police to arrest U.S. Marine officer (December 4)

* Okinawa calls for review of SOFA (December 5)

* U.S. refuses to hand over Marine suspect (December 6)

* Police sends U.S. Marine major's case to prosecutors office (December 10)

* Korean Hibakusha wins overall victory in court (December 7)

* Tokyo's Hibakusha join concerted application for their recognition as having A-bomb diseases (December 10)

* Whoever DPJ head is, JCP will cooperate with other opposition parties in common struggle (December 4)

* JCP: Road panel's report suggests failure of 'Koizumi reform' (December 7)

* JCP proposes employment policy to control corporate dismissals (December 10)

* Mega bank presses high interest rate to 'healthy' borrowers (December 9)

* Zenroren discusses 2003 Spring Struggle (December 7)

* Labor lawyers hold phone counseling for workers (December 9)

* Farmers protest Koizumi Cabinet's new rice policy (December 5)

* 15.67 million signatures collected for uniform school class size of 30 pupils (December 6)

* Educationalists oppose government panel's focus on nationalism in education (December 9)

* JCP goes on the offensive in preparation for election (December 4)

* Shii calls for all-out efforts to win elections (December 4)