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2019 Jun 05 - 11
2019 May 29 - Jun 04
2019 May 22 - 28

Henoko, constitutional revision, and sales tax hike will become focus of debates in 197th extraordinary Diet session

The 197th extraordinary session of the Diet convened on October 24 is the first parliamentary debate since Prime Minister Abe formed his fourth Cabinet.

'All Okinawa' candidate wins reelection as Naha City mayor

For the All Okinawa alliance opposing the construction of a new U.S. base in Henoko, this is the second victory after the Tomigusuku mayoral election (Oct.14) since Tamaki Denny was elected (Sep.30) as Okinawa Governor by a big margin.

Koike: Japanese gov't should demand that Saudi Arabia investigate journalist's death

Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head Koike Akira said, "The Japanese government should demand that the Saudi government uncover the whole truth," regarding the allegation that a famous Saudi Arabian journalist was murdered inside the Saudi Arabian Consulate General in Turkey.

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'Flower Demonstration' rally held to protest against sexual violence

Holding placards denouncing sex crimes, protesters with a flower in their hands assembled in a squa...
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