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2019 Jun 05 - 11
2019 May 29 - Jun 04
2019 May 22 - 28

Shii comments on announcement of new imperial era name

The name of a new imperial era will be “Reiwa”. The JCP does not oppose the use of imperial era names by the general public as a form of traditional custom. However, no one should be obliged by the government to use imperial era names.

Shii gives kick-off speech in Kanagawa, calling for major JCP advance in local elections

The election campaign in 41 prefectures and 17 major cities officially started. The voting day for the first round of nationwide local elections is April 7, together with eleven gubernatorial and six major city mayoral races which are already underway.

Unjust attack on JCP for purpose of weakening opposition parties’ intra-Diet collaboration (part II)

The intelligence agency, still conducting "surveillance activities" of the JCP, has not brought forward any "evidence" of a JCP call for "violent revolution". It is because the JCP has never supported "violent revolution" as its official policy in its history.

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