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2020 May 13 - 19
2020 Apr 22 - May 12
2020 Apr 15 - 21

Minimum hourly wage of 1,500 yen should become major focal point in Upper House election: Zenroren

The National Confederation of Trade Unions published the findings of a survey on the cost of living and said that the issue of a minimum wage hike to 1,500 yen should be a major focal point in the upcoming Upper House election.

PM Abe unable to attack JCP proposal for sustainable pension system: Shii

JCP Chair Shii Kazuo in a one-on-one debate with PM Abe in the Diet demanded the abolition of the “macroeconomic slide” mechanism by presenting a JCP proposal on financial resources needed to make the public pension system sustainable and reliable.

Workplace gender gap hinders women workers from continuing careers

Women workers in Japan are often assigned to non-management positions or to dead-end jobs. This phenomenon is part of the "glass ceiling" which prevents women from moving up into executive positions.

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Students ask for JCP cooperation to improve gov't support

A youth group made representations to political parties, demanding that government measures be impr...
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