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2020 May 13 - 19
2020 Apr 22 - May 12
2020 Apr 15 - 21

Gov't wants to end Moritomo scandal with overseas transfer of core officials involved in the scandal

The government, with the transfer of key persons who supposedly know a lot about PM Abe's act of favoritism and the falsification of official documents regarding the bargain sale of national land to the school, seeks to draw the curtain closed on the scandal.

Koike in Gwangbokjeol ceremony calls on Japanese and South Korean governments to hold talks in cool-headed manner

Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head Koike Akira called on the Japanese and South Korean governments to hold talks in a cool-headed manner.


Remember lessons of history on 74th anniversary of war’s end

If a government is left unchecked and continues to disregard and deceive the general public, it will lead to the demise of democracy, the rise of fascism, and more war. This is a lesson that should be learned from historical experience.

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Students ask for JCP cooperation to improve gov't support

A youth group made representations to political parties, demanding that government measures be impr...
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