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List of Past issues

 JCP Takahashi urges gov’t to provide support to medical facilities to counter new coronavirus cases (February 7, 2020)
 JCP effort for admission-free Tokyo museums for youth will bear fruit in spring (February 5, 2020)
 JCP Tokyo assembly members demand strengthening of countermeasures against new coronavirus (February 4, 2020)
 Air pollution victims stage sit-in to push Toyota to work to create relief system (January 31, 2020)
 Casino Expo held in Yokohama amid police investigations into casino bribery scandal (January 30, 2020)
 Cross-party female lawmakers rally for gender equality (January 30, 2020)
 Environmental activists protest against construction of palm oil-fueled power plant (January 30, 2020)
 JCP Koike demands countermeasures against new coronavirus (January 28, 2020)
 JCP criticizes Tokyo gov’t budget draft for promoting conversion of public hospitals into for-profit bodies (January 25, 2020)
 'Then, don't marry!' LDP lawmaker jeers at opposition lawmaker who calls for dual-surname system (January 24, 2020)
 Abe should abide by Olympic Charter (January 23, 2020)
 Gov’t will stop holding annual memorial ceremony for 2011 disaster victims after 2021 (January 22, 2020)
 Frequent dining with PM Abe will increase public distrust for media (January 20, 2020)
 Citizens hold memorial services for victims of the 1995 quake (January 18, 2020)
 High court retracts lower court decision to allow restart of No.3 reactor at Ikata NPP (January 18, 2020)
 Aso under fire for ‘Japan has been single-ethnic for 2K years’ remark (January 16, 2020)
 Hepatitis-B virus carriers file damage lawsuit against state (January 11, 2020)
 Ghosn claims he escaped from injustice, but does he know what justice is? (January 10, 2020)
 Graduate students busy working part-time to make ends meet: Students’ network survey (January 7 and 8, 2020)
 Tokyo metropolitan gov’t should build own peace museum to not forget memories of war (January 7, 2020)
 Defense Ministry will fund Tsukuba University military-academia research  (December 26, 2019)
 Shop owners form union to resist control by major platformer Rakuten (December 24, 2019)
 Environment Minister under fire for his comment on Greta (December 24, 2019)
 Rape victim wins in court, giving boost to '#Me Too' movement (December 19, 2019)
 Metropolitan government should fulfill its financial responsibility for public hospitals: JCP Oyama (December 19, 2019)
 Japan drops to record-low of 121st place in global gender equality ranking (December 18, 2019)
 Slow progress on women’s political empowerment widens Japan’s gender gap: Koike (December 18, 2019)
 Civil group opposing military-academia cooperation urges JAXA to never again participate in arms trade expositions (December 18, 2019)
 Yamagata court rejects plaintiffs’ claim for state responsibility in regard to 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdown (December 18, 2019)
 JCP Koike: Japan in COP25 works against global effort to harness climate change (December 17, 2019)
 Elderly stage sit-in protest near Welfare Ministry (December 14, 2019)
 Ordinance penalizing hate speech enacted in Kawasaki City (December 13, 2019)
 IUCN Red List shows Okinawa Dugongs on edge of extinction (December 13, 2019)
 High court shuts its ears to ex-fishermen affected by US H-bomb tests (December 13, 2019)
 Dr. Nakamura's hands-on efforts for peace remembered at his funeral (December 12, 2019)
 Tokyo JCP urges governor to retract policy of cutting off funds for metropolitan hospitals (December 12, 2019)
 Dr. Nakamura embodied spirit of war-renouncing Article 9: Shii (December 6, 2019)
 JCP Fujino calls for revision of Penal Code in order to protect mentally-handicapped from sexual abuse (December 2, 2019)
 Survey by broadcast workers’ union shows male-dominated TV industry (December 5, 2019)
 Group to protect local public hospitals formed (December 5, 2019)
 Indonesian environmental NGO calls for end to Japan’s financing of coal-fired power plant in Indonesia (December 5, 2019)
 Gender activist: Gov’t anti-workplace harassment guidelines should include sexist dress codes (December 4, 2019)
 Job-seeking students demand end to sexual harassment during job-hunting process (December 3, 2019)
 Korean school operator protests against court ruling neglecting hate speech demonstrations (November 30&December 1)
 More students quit high school for economic reasons: teachers’ union survey (November 29, 2019)
 Tokyo JCP proposes free or half-price gallery/museum admission fees for youth (November 28, 2019)
 Civil group in Mie strives to recollect wartime Korean forced labor in local mine (November 27, 2019)
 Visually-impaired submit request to Japan Post (November 19, 2019)
 Japanese and South Korean lawyers’ issue joint declaration on issue of wartime Korean forced laborers in Japan (November 21, 2019)
 Rally held to call for legislation allowing same-sex marriage (November 20, 2019)

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