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2017 March 1 - 7 [PEACE]

1,400 people promise Bikini tragedy victims conclusion of NWC

March 2, 2017
On March 1, the day marking 63 years since the U.S. hydrogen bomb test explosion at Bikini Atoll caused the tragedy in which the Japanese tuna fishing boat “Lucky Dragon #5” and many other Japanese fishing boats were showered with to work for successful radiation fallout, about 1,400 people including overseas delegates, vowed to the victims that they will work for a successful conclusion of a Nuclear Weapons Convention.

The 1,400 people marched in demonstration through the downtown area in Shizuoka’s Yaizu City to a temple holding the tomb of Kuboyama Aikichi, a crew member of the Lucky Dragon #5 (Daigo Fukuryu Maru), who died due to exposure to radioactive fallout. After arriving at the temple, the parcitipants held a memorial ceremony in front of the grave.

Tatsumi Yohei, 27, who came from Osaka to attend the event for the first time, said, “Many people who were exposed to radiation are still suffering. As the only A-bombed nation, Japan should take a lead in working to establish a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons. I’ll tell my friends about the importance of working to help achieve this framework.”

A 37-year-old man from Hokkaido’s Asahikawa City, Shimana Takashi, also participated in the Bikini Day event for the first time. “After the U.S. nuclear test, like always, the Japanese government was unwilling to make public the inconvenient fact that many Japanese fishermen were affected by radiation. I want to learn more about the Bikini tragedy and use my knowledge to collect Hibakusha Appeal signatures.”

Later on the same day, the 1,400 people took part in a rally held in the city.

Former crew members of the Daigo Fukuryu Maru and peace activists from across Japan appeared on the stage and the Yaizu City mayor spoke as a guest. Messages from the mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were read out. The rally adopted an appeal calling for spreading the Hibakush-led signature-collection campaign nationally and internationally in order to create a situation where Japan will be independent from the U.S. nuclear umbrella and will then be able to play a role for peace and the prohibition of nuclear weapons.

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