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2017 July 19 - 25 [JCP]

This week’s JCP international activity

July 20, 22, & 24, 2017
Ogata meets with Lebanese Communist Party secretary general

Japanese Communist Party Vice Chair Ogata Yasuo, International Commission chief, on July 18 met with the Lebanese Communist Party Secretary General, Hanna Gharib, at the party’s head office in Lebanon’s capital of Beirut. Ogata visited Lebanon at the invitation of the LCP.

In the meeting, Gharib expressed his hope that their meeting will contribute to broader development of the two parties’ relationship and talked about the current situation in the Middle East and the party’s activities in Lebanon. In response, Ogata explained the JCP view on domestic and international issues. He also talked about Japan’s political situation, the JCP advance in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election, and the JCP policies on party activities and organizational buildup.

The two exchanged views on the future of the antinuke movement following the adoption of the UN treaty banning nuclear weapons. They agreed that the JCP and LCP will strengthen their cooperation in the antinuke and peace movement.

Two days before the meeting with the LCP secretary general, Ogata held talks with Omar El Deeb LCP polito bureau member and international commission chief. They exchanged views and information regarding global issues which include the current situation in Syria, the Middle East, and North East Asia. On the following day, Ogata participated in a meeting with LCP Central Committee members in charge of the party’s policies on foreign affairs, youth, women, economy, welfare, and media. Ogata spoke about Japan’s political situation and the JCP’s domestic and international activities for about an hour and answered various questions from the LCP members.

Ogata talks with Cyprus parliament head

Visiting Cyprus at the invitation of the Progressive Party of the Working People (AKEL), JCP International Commission Chair Ogata Yasuo (JCP Vice Chair) on July 19 held talks with the President of the Cyprus House of Representatives, Demetris Syllouris.

Ogata expressed his gratitude for a resolution that the Cyprus parliament adopted just after the 2011 massive earthquake and Fukushima nuclear disaster. The resolution called on Cypriot people to display their sympathy, support, and solidarity to all disaster victims.

The parliament head referred to the fact that Turkey, Cyprus’ neighboring country on the opposite side of the of Mediterranean, plans to construct a nuclear power plant by importing nuclear power generation technologies from Russia. He said that this plan has generated widespread concern in Cyprus. Ogata pointed out that scientifically, there is no possibility of an accident-free nuclear power plant and added that 80,000 Fukushima victims are still unable to return to their homes.

Two days earlier, Ogata met with Deputy Director of the Cypriot Foreign Ministry Stavros Amvrosiou at the ministry office.

In the meeting, Ogata expressed appreciation for Cyprus’s contribution to the adoption of the antinuke UN treaty. In response, Amvrosiou said that it is a pleasure to know that the JCP has the same view as the Cyprus government regarding the nuclear weapons ban treaty. The two agreed to promote mutual cooperation in the movement working for the elimination of nuclear weapons following the adoption of the N-ban treaty.

Ogata on July 21 held talks with AKEL Secretary General Andros Kyprianou at the AKEL head office in the Cypriot capital city of Nicosia.

Kyprianou welcomed Ogata’s visit to Cyprus and congratulated him on the JCP advance in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election. Ogata said that his meetings with people at various levels, including the parliament head, have helped develop mutual understanding.

The two confirmed that the two parties will work together to put the antinuke UN treaty into effect, improve information exchanges on the task of removing foreign military bases from their nations, and strengthen their ties on the issue of opposing nuclear power generation. They also decided to further relations between the two parties.

On the previous day, Ogata attended a meeting with 20 AKEL high-level members. Ogata explained the JCP activities in various fields such as organizational buildup and international relations and responded to questions from the participants.
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