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2017 December 13 - 19 TOP3 [JCP]

JCP Koike attends Q&A session with university students majoring in political science

December 14, 2017
Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head Koike Akira on December 12 attended a gathering held at the JCP head office in Tokyo and answered questions regarding the party Program, its history, and other topics from students majoring in political science at Hitotsubashi and Gakushuin universities.

At the beginning of the gathering, Koike explained JCP efforts in the October general election and its policy on the unified struggle of opposition parties and concerned citizens. Koike also gave a detailed summary of the party’s counter-proposals to the Abe government policies such as Abenomics, the “work-style reform” plan, and the high-handed approach to the North Korea issue. Koike then responded to questions from the students.

A male student asked Koike about the JCP view on U.S. President Trump’s remark during the presidential election campaign in which he urged Japan to increase its share of the cost for maintaining the U.S. troops in Japan.

Koike in reply said that President Trump did not seem to be aware of how generously Japan apportions tax revenue for the U.S. military in Japan. Koike referred to the so-called “sympathy budget” which Japan has no obligation to provide even under the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty and the Japan-U.S. Status of Forces Agreement. Koike pointed out that Japan’s financial support for the stationing of U.S. forces in Japan, including the “sympathy budget”, surpasses the total amount of money used by 26 other U.S. allies in host nation support. Furthermore, Koike said, “Japan is the only nation hosting U.S. bases in which assault forces such as carrier strike groups are based. The U.S. military deploys its troops to Japan in order to engage in worldwide operations, not to defend Japan.”

Asked about the JCP stance towards the imperial system, Koike said, “The JCP in its Program declares that it abides by all constitutional provisions, even the provision regarding the role of the Emperor.” Koike added that the JCP will oppose any deviation from constitutional principles such as the use of the Emperor for political purposes.

In response to a question made by a female student about efforts to make Akahata better, Koike cited the fact that Akahata is the first newspaper to carry daily TV-radio listings on the back page, which later became popular with major and local dailies in Japan. Students expressed surprise.

Koike also answered various questions such as, “Why doesn’t the JCP change its name?” and “How did the Liberal Democratic Party win a majority in the general election?”

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