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2018 May 23 - 29 [JCP]

Shii receives commendation for his 25 years of service in Diet

May 23, 2018

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo and JCP Diet Policy Commission Chair Kokuta Keiji on May 22 received commendations for their 25 years of service in the Diet.

Along with the two JCP Dietmembers, eleven other politicians, including nine Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers, were awarded the same distinction. LDP member Hayashi Motoo delivered a speech of thanks at the plenary session of the House of Representatives on the day as he is the most senior among the awardees. Speeches by the others will be later included in the minutes.

Shii in his speech said that when he was elected for the first time, the JCP was being sidelined in Japan’s political arena. However, he added, the situation surrounding the party has drastically changed for the better. As an example of drastic changes, Shii cited the adoption of the UN nuclear weapons ban treaty which the JCP strongly endorsed. Shii said that this fact again convinced him that the party’s position corresponds with the main stream of the international community and made him hopeful about the future.

Concerning domestic issues, Shii said that the joint struggle between concerned citizens and opposition parties developed amid public movements opposing the national security laws. He noted that the JCP presence in joint efforts on various issue has become common practice. Shii stressed that the party will pursue the path of changing politics through the promotion of opposition parties-concerned citizens collaboration.

Kokuta in his speech said that he had decided to participate in political activities in order to promote peace. He went on to say that throughout his career, his political creed is to have the constitutional principles of popular sovereignty, pacifism, and basic human rights fully reflected in politics.

Kokuta said that the most important role of the Diet at present is to put a stop to reckless activities of the government and keep a watchful eye on the administration. He expressed his determination to realize politics in which the Japanese Constitution is fully respected.
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