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2018 August 8 - 14 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

University discriminating against women received 80 million yen in subsidies for women’s careers support

August 9, 2018
Tokyo Medical University received a total of 80 million yen from the government as a subsidy for the promotion of women’s social participation while discriminating against women applicants in entrance exams Akahata on August 8 ran this story based on documents which Japanese Communist Party lawmaker Hatano Kimie obtained from the Education Ministry.

The subsidy program was aimed at helping female researchers to strike a balance between their academic careers and their family lives, such as childbirth, childrearing, and caring for family members. This financial support was awarded to 53 universities and institutions in the country including Tokyo Medical University, which accepted a total of over 80 million yen in three years from 2013.

According to the materials that Hatano obtained, the Education Ministry spoke highly of the way Tokyo Medical University used the subsidy. The ministry in the documents noted that with the use of the subsidy, Tokyo Medical University introduced a system allowing regular workers to work less than the standard hours as well as measures to provide mothers with childcare support, stating that as a result, the number of female lecturers and women workers in responsible positions in the university increased. In the documents, the ministry also said that under the president’s leadership, the university has created a structure for the support of female researchers and that it will most likely keep engaging in this effort.

While enjoying this subsidy, Tokyo Medical University discriminated against female applicants by unfairly lowering their entrance exam scores. The university’s internal investigation team on August 7 published a report which states that the score manipulation began in 2006 or earlier in a bid to curb the number of female students.

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