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2018 September 26 - October 2 [JCP]

This week’s JCP international activities

September 26 & 28, 2018

Koike talks with Vietnam CP internal affairs head

Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head Koike Akira on September 25 at the JCP head office in Tokyo held talks with Phan Dinh Trac, Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Central Committee and Head of its Commission for Internal Affairs.

Preceding the talks, Koike offered his condolences to family and friends of the late Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang who died five days earlier.

Koike and Trac confirmed that the two parties will further develop their relations. They talked about the JCP-CPV relationship and the Japan-Vietnam relations, and exchanged views on the regional situations.

Trac referred to the two parties’ close cooperation on the occasion of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) and the UN General Assembly which adopted the treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons. He added that this cooperation worked to strengthen the longstanding relationship based on trust between the CPV and the JCP.

Koike agreed with Trac’s remark regarding the two parties’ joint efforts in the ICAPP meetings and the adoption of the UN antinuke treaty. Expressing his pleasure at seeing the two parties’ relations reaching a higher level in this century, Koike said that he thinks the coming eighth JCP-CPV theoretical exchange will be highly productive.

Furthermore, citing the recent progress in the bilateral ties, Koike said that stronger relations between the two parties will contribute to nurturing the state-level bilateral relations. He went on to say, “The JCP will request the Japanese government to foster its ‘broad strategic partnership’ with Vietnam so that it will play a part in promoting peace and stability in Asia.”

Those who attended the talks included JCP Vice Chair and International Commission Chair Ogata Yasuo and Vietnamese Ambassador to Japan Nguyen Quoc Cuong.

Shii meets with outgoing Vietnamese ambassador

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on September 27 met with outgoing Vietnamese Ambassador to Japan Nguyen Quoc Cuong in the Diet building, expressing his gratitude for the ambassador’s efforts in his three-year term to develop good relations between the two countries as well as between the JCP and CPV.

Shii pointed out that the JCP and the CPV share many common views on the international situations and stances to handle various issues, and that the two parties have been promoting theoretical exchanges. Shii expressed his determination to continue working to further extend the relationship at the political party and the national levels.

The ambassador noted that in accordance with the development of the bilateral relations, the two parties deepened mutual relations and trust with each other. He thanked the JCP for its cooperation in strengthening the two nations’ ties.

JCP Vice Chair Ogata Yasuo also attended the meeting.

Shii visited Vietnamese Embassy to express condolences

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on September 27 visited the Vietnamese Embassy in Tokyo to express his condolences over the death of Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang.

Shii signed the register and wrote, “I remember the time when the president and I discussed peace in Asia and the world. I extend my heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved family and Vietnamese people and comrades.”
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