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2020 March 4 - 10 TOP3 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

On International Women’s Day, Japanese women take to streets to protest against sexual violence against women

March 9 2020
On March 8, in celebration of International Women’s Day, women’s rights activists in Japan took to the streets to increase public support for their call to eliminate sexual violence against women and realize gender equality.

On this day, a monthly protest against sexual violence, dubbed “Flower Demonstration”, marked its first anniversary. This grass-roots movement was triggered by a chain of not-guilty judgements issued in rape cases last year.

In Tokyo, initiators of the monthly protest gathered near Tokyo Station. The gathering was livestreamed on the video-sharing service Nico Nico Douga.

One of the initiators, Yamamoto Jun, who is also a representative director of the sexual violence survivors’ organization “Spring”, gave a speech. She talked about her experience of taking part in monthly “Flower Demonstration” rallies held in other prefectures. She said that participants at these rallies expressed their intent to change the society which at present overlooks the sexual abuse of women and girls. She expressed her determination to work even harder to achieve a revision of the Criminal Code regarding sex crimes.

In addition to Tokyo, “Flower Demonstration” rallies took place on the day in Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, Okinawa, and other cities.

The “Flower Demonstration” initiators on their campaign website recently stated that the monthly protest will be suspended after this year’s International Women’s Day. They went on to say that they will continue their fight to put an end to sexual violence against women.

The Japanese Communist Party on this day held a street speech rally near Yurakucho Station in Tokyo. JCP Vice Chair Tamura Tomoko together with JCP lawmakers Kira Yoshiko and Yamazoe Taku delivered speeches.

Tamura in her speech pointed out that a growing movement to protest against sexual violence and harassment against women, such as the monthly “Flower Demonstration” rally and the #Me Too campaign, has had influences on Japanese society. Stressing the need to implement concrete measures to achieve women’s economic and political empowerment, Tamura expressed her determination to work hard in the Diet on this matter.

Members of women’s rights organizations, trade unions, and civil organizations which form the International Women’s Day Central rally organizing committee took to the streets near Nakano Station in Tokyo to publicize their ongoing efforts to promote gender equality. This year’s central rally was cancelled in line with the government measure to prevent a spread of COVID-19 virus.

The head of the National Confederation of Trade Unions (Zenroren) Women’s Section, Nagao Yuri, said that Zenroren is working to eradicate gender gaps in the workplace, inequalities between regular and non-regular workers, and workplace violence and harassment.

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