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2020 April 22 - May 12 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

College students ask for JCP cooperation to half cost of tuitions

April 26 & 30, 2020
Representatives of the group called "action for across-the-board cuts in college tuition fees by half" made a representation to the Japanese Communist Party on April 29 along with other opposition parties under the situation in which many university/college students are facing economic difficulties caused by the coronavirus crisis.

The action started on April 24 after bringing movements conducted separately at more than 100 universities/colleges together. The action is now carrying out an online signature campaign demanding that the central government halve academic fees at all universities/colleges in Japan and drastically increase its budget for higher education.

The students said to JCP Policy Commission Chair Tamura Tomoko (House of Councilors) and JCP Yamazoe Taku (House of Councilors), "Currently, we cannot go to college because of the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Responses to students taken by school administrators differ between private and public universities, but what we do have in common is the call for more budget support for students and for universities/colleges."

Listening to them and taking notes, Tamura said, "Opposition parties will work together to immediately shape a policy in accordance with your request and will press the central government to cover half of the tuition fees."

* * *

The student advocacy group "project for free higher education (FREE)" conducted a survey of 1,200 students in 319 universities/colleges regarding the impact of the new coronavirus outbreak.

The survey results as of April 27 show that 39.7% of students answered that their parents are suffering income cuts or even loss of income, student working part-time jobs who are earning less or lost their jobs reached 60.4%, one out of every five surveyed students answered that they have considered quitting school, and about 40% said they keep working part-time despite the risk of being infected with the new coronavirus.
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