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2020 June 10 - 16 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

International human rights NGO proposes law revision to criminalize 'sex without consent'

June 12, 2020

The international human rights NGO Human Rights Now (HRN) on June 11 proposed its own amendments to the Penal Code in order to criminalize "sex without consent".

Their draft revision will be submitted to a Justice Ministry committee where discussions on the criminal law revision began in June.

In sex crime cases, the existing Penal Code requires victims to prove that they were "physically assaulted or threatened". Under the HRN draft revision, every act of sexual intercourse “against their will” will constitute a crime with a penalty of more than five years imprisonment.

The HRN draft revision adds "coercion, surprise attack, fraudulent means, and confinement" to the conventional "against their will" patterns: "physical violence and threats".

HRN representative and lawyer Teramachi Toko said, "Our NGO thought it important to establish the clear principle that sex against one's will is a crime."

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