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2020 August 12 - 18 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

Gov’t appeals A-bomb ‘black rain’ court ruling

August 13, 2020

Refusing to accept a Hiroshima District Court decision that recognizes residents exposed to radioactive “black rain” after the 1945 U.S. atomic bombing as A-bomb survivors (Hibakusha), the national, Hiroshima prefectural, and Hiroshima city governments on August 12 appealed to the Hiroshima High Court.

In protest against the filing of the appeal, representatives of the plaintiffs, the plaintiffs’ counsel, and their supporters held a press conference in Hiroshima City. They published a statement stating that they will keep fighting until all black rain victims become eligible for state support measures for Hibakusha.

The statement noted that as the reason for appealing, the national government argues that the district court ruling contains unscientific notions and inconsistent views with relevant Supreme Court rulings, and stressed, “The government’s argument disregards scientific facts and no one but the government itself would support the argument.”

The plaintiffs’ group head Takano Masaaki said, “What we, the 84 plaintiffs, testified in the court is based on scientific evidence. It is disappointing that the government is taking the case to the high court. I feel angry with its decision to do so.”

Lawyer Hiroshima Atsutaka, who heads the plaintiffs’ counsel, insisted, “The government decision to challenge the district court ruling is regrettable. It is also morally unacceptable.” The counsel’s secretary general, Takemori Masahiro, pointed out, “The national government has a responsibility to support Hibakusha. This is the spirit of the A-bomb Victims Relief Law as well as the judgement of the Supreme Court.”

Makino Kazumi, who co-heads a civil group supporting the plaintiffs, said that Hibakusha have repeatedly urged the state government to review its standards for Hibakusha certification, but the government has refused to listen. He said that his group will keep making efforts to win a favorable ruling in the high court.

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