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2010 December 22 - 2011 January 4 [FINANCE]

A/C for 100% of US base schools, 22.5% of Tokyo schools

December 22, 2010
Almost all U.S. base schools constructed with the so-called “sympathy budget” are equipped with air conditioners while only 22.5 percent of public schools in Tokyo, except for 23 wards, have air conditioning.

This is another stark example of ways in which Japanese politics favor U.S. forces over the Japanese public.

Japan has so far constructed 36 elementary, junior high, and high schools for children of U.S. personnel within U.S. bases in Japan by using the “sympathy budget”. Only the schools in the U.S. Misawa base (Aomori Pref.) are not air-conditioned.

In contrast, 542 out of 699 public schools in cities, towns, and villages in Tokyo do not have air conditioning.

The FY 2010 “sympathy budget” amounts to 188.1 billion yen. If adding the cost to realign the U.S. military presence in Japan and the Japan-U.S. Action Committee on Okinawa (SACO)-related expenditures, the amount totals 336.9 billion yen.

The government should stop giving so much “sympathy” to the U.S. forces and instead ensure an educational environment conducive for children to study in Japanese public schools.
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