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2011 June 1 - 7 [JCP]

JCP incumbent defeats LDP backed rival in mayoral election

June 6 & 7, 2011
In the June 6 mayoral election in Warabi City, Saitama Prefecture, Japanese Communist Party member and incumbent Yoritaka Hideo secured his second term of office by a large margin, defeating his rival backed by the Liberal Democratic Party.

Yoritaka received 19,365 votes, about 9,000 more votes than that his opponent Miwa Yoshikazu did. Thirteen out of 20 candidates for the city assembly election held on the same day expressed their support for the conservative candidate Miwa in their campaign speeches.

During his first four-year term, Yoritaka raised the eligible age for free medical care for children to 15, turned the operation of a city-owned hospital into a positive figure, and reduced the city government’s debt. Ninety-five percent of his election promises have already been carried out or are being carried out. As a result, he enjoys Warabi citizens’ wide support.

A 53-year-old female citizen, who describes herself as a political conservative, said, “After Yoritaka took office, the direction of the city government policy has been changed to one putting people first. That’s why I voted for him.”

Miwa in contrast placed emphasis on a large scale project to develop areas in front of the west gate of JR Warabi Station.

Under an election strategy of highlighting “the fight between the LDP and the JCP (Saitama Shimbun on May 27)”, Miwa conducted a fierce anti-JCP campaign, saying, “A communist mayor is no good.”

At a street speech held on June 2 in front of JR Warabi Station, LDP Dietmembers such as former Prime Minister Aso Taro and prefectural assembly members as well as 13 city assembly election candidates, including those of the Komei Party and independents, in turn attacked Yoritaka by using abusive language.

A 45-year-old male resident complained about the anti-JCP campaign saying, “Miwa did nothing but insult Yoritaka. Citizens paid attention to their smear campaign and it backfired on them.”

Later on the election day, in response to questions from reporters, Yoritaka said, “I really appreciate Warabi citizens for endorsing my four-year city administration which protects people’s lives and connects citizens with the city government.” He also expressed his determination to fulfill the vision of his second term in which he plans to create a city ensuring an environment where people can live without anxiety, strengthening the local economy, and addressing the needs of children, the elderly, and the disabled.

All 4 JCP candidates elected to Warabi City Assembly

All four JCP candidates won seats in the assembly election held on June 6 in Warabi City.

The total number of votes that JCP candidates received was 6,291 (or 21.14% of all votes), 2.3 times more than the vote cast for the JCP in the 2010 House of Councilors election.

The JCP during the election campaign said that the city administration under Mayor Yoritaka has steadily responded to citizens’ demands, and called on citizens to enhance such city administration.

In the assembly election, the Komei party gained three seats, the DPJ two, and independent candidates nine.
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