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2008 September 3 - 9 [ECONOMY]

‘Government must take urgent measures to curb soaring oil prices’ -- Trucking association members

August 27, 2008
Complaining about the hardships the trucking industry is experiencing due to the skyrocketing oil prices, about 20,000 managers on August 26 held urgent rallies and demonstration marches, using truck convoys in some places, to urge the government to take immediate measures for them to survive.

This nationwide action, held at the call of the Japan Trucking Association (JTA), attracted the largest number of participants ever.

In resolutions adopted at rallies, they demanded that they be allowed to raise transport charges appropriately, that the fuel tax rate be decreased, and that the rampant financial speculation in the oil market be severely restricted.

Kokuta Keiji, Japanese Communist Party Diet Policy Commission chair, sent a message of solidarity to the day’s action, pointing out that international financial speculators are to blame for causing the extraordinary hike in oil prices.

Kokuta, who is a House of Representatives member, demanded that the government take measures so that their financial speculation will be monitored, that their information be released, and that they be taxed appropriately.

In Tokyo, about 1,500 managers took part in a rally organized by the Kanto Trucking Association (KTA), where JTA chair Nakanishi Eiichiro spoke in solidarity.

KTA chair Hoshino Ryozo in his speech stated that most trucking company managers find it difficult to continue business due to the soaring oil prices. He said, “As a business that is essential for sustaining Japan’s economy and daily living, we small- and medium-sized companies must survive. The government must work hard to ensure this!”

After the rally, trucking firm operators and drivers marched in demonstration around the Diet Building, shouting, “The government must help farmers and drivers continue to survive amid the soaring oil prices!”

In Osaka, about 1,500 truckers called on the government to cut fuel taxes. Visiting the Osaka Prefectural government, they handed a letter to the governor.

The All Japan Construction, Transport and General Workers Union (CTG) sent copies of its solidarity message to these rallies.
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