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2007 October 31 - November 6 [SDF]

JCP is opposed to permanent law to dispatch SDF abroad

November 5, 2007
The Liberal Democratic Party and the Democratic Party are making quick moves towards an enactment of a permanent law to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces abroad.

In relation to the talks between Prime Minister Fukuda Yasuo and DPJ President Ozawa Ichiro, Fukuda said that the ruling Liberal Democratic Party is willing to consult with the DPJ about the possible enactment of such a law, and Ozawa said that he has long advocated the enactment of such a basic law.

Warning that these moves have created a grave situation, Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo at a press conference on November 2 said, “The JCP is absolutely opposed to such a law whatever form it may take because it will permanently violate the Constitution.”

A Liberal Democratic Party subcommittee chaired by present Defense Minister Ishiba Shigeru drafted an international cooperation bill in August 2006, and Ozawa while he was the president of the then Liberal Party compiled a basic security bill in April 2003.

Shii pointed out that what these two draft bills have in common is that they will be enacted not as a special measures law to deal with specific conflicts but a permanent measure to enable the government to send the SDF anywhere in the world. While the LDP draft will in effect enable Japan to use force abroad, Ozawa’s draft will clearly enable Japan to wage wars abroad, although there is a difference between these two drafts concerning whether such a law can be invoked under United Nations resolutions.

“Taking into account that the LDP and DPJ independently intend to enact a permanent law that poses such great dangers, we must watch out for the possibility that the two parties may start consultations on its enactment. The JCP will make utmost efforts to foil the enactment of such a permanent law,” said Shii.

The LDP’s draft will enable the government to send the SDF overseas without any pertinent U.N. resolutions and the SDF would conduct security maintenance activities. Pointing out that even the Special Measures Law on Iraq has allowed the SDF to conduct only “assistance to security maintenance activities,” Shii said that the LDP’s bill would enable the SDF to engage in military operations such as are underway in Afghanistan.

Ozawa’s draft, on the other hand, clearly states that Japan would cooperate in activities involving the use of force, although it provides that they would be conducted under U.N. resolutions.
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