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2007 October 24 - 30 [SDF]

Government must stop assisting in retaliatory war: JCP Akamine

October 24, 2007
The House of Representatives on October 13 entered into discussions on the new anti-terrorism special measures bill to allow the Maritime Self-Defense Force to continue refueling operations in the Indian Ocean.

Japanese Communist Party representative Akamine Seiken in the Lower House plenary session severely criticized the government for continuing to assist in the U.S. war on Afghanistan, stating, “Japan must make diplomatic efforts to create an environment enabling parties concerned to pursue peace through political negotiations. The government must stop assisting the war of retaliation, the biggest obstruction to political settlement in Afghanistan.”

Pointing out that the six-year long U.S. retaliatory war has greatly worsened the Afghan situation, Akamine stated, “Waging a war of retaliation in dealing with terrorism has brought about the vicious circle of military and terrorist attacks.”

In Afghanistan, President Hamid Karzai has changed gear to pursue peace through political dialogue. Only when connected with such efforts for peace will assistance for the Afghan people to eradicate poverty become effective, Akamine stressed.

“This is the only appropriate way for Japan, using Article 9, to make a true international contribution,” Akamine stated.

Prime Minister Fukuda Yasuo, however, defended his position of clinging to the MSDF deployment to the area by stating, “This contribution cannot be replaced with humanitarian or reconstruction assistance.”

The government says that under the new law, if enacted, the MSDF will provide fuel only to foreign vessels engaged in the Maritime Interdiction Operation (MIO), excluding those vessels carrying out air attacks on Afghanistan.

Concerning this government explanation, Akamine asked the prime minister if U.S. vessels taking part in multiple operations are excluded.

Fukuda stated, “The important point is that the vessel should be actually engaged in the MIO,” indicating that the MSDF will refuel vessels taking part in other operations at the same time.

Akamine also criticized the government for allowing the MSDF to conceal the data regarding the amount of fuel that Japan provided.
- Akahata, October 24, 2007
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