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2013 July 24 - 30 TOP3 [SDF]

DefMin admits to mass production of deadly gases

July 26, 2013
Japan’s Defense Ministry has admitted that the Self-Defense Forces has been producing a large amount of highly toxic gases in its facility located in a densely-populated metropolitan area, in materials submitted to Japanese Communist Party Lower House member Shiokawa Tetsuya.

The materials include a list of the toxic gases the SDF had produced, used, and disposed of between 2008 and 2012.

It lists seven types of gases made during those five years: sarin, tabun, soman, VX gas, mustard gas, nitrogen mustard, and lewisite. The amount of these gases produced in 2011 totaled 511 grams, the highest amount in five years.

Although the ministry claims that they are making these toxic substances for the purpose of studying how to protect the human body from them, the production volume has already reached a level that can instantaneously kill a huge number of people. For example, an exposure to only six milligrams of VX gas would result in the immediate death of 50% of exposed persons.

In response to an inquiry from Akahata, a Saitama City government official said that he did not learn of the fact that the SDF has been making such gases in its facility located in the city until Akahata published it on July 6.

JCP representative Shiokawa pointed out that the authorities have failed to provide the necessary information to local authorities and residents. He made a request that the ministry hold explanatory meetings for local people.

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