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2013 November 13 - 19 [PEACE]

Japan Peace Conference discusses ways to establish peace in Asia

November 16-18, 2013
The 2013 Japan Peace Conference seeking a Japan free from military bases and military alliances took place on November 15 to 17 in Iwakuni City in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Approximately 1,200 participants from across the nation discussed ways to establish peace in Asia in various workshops and symposiums.

The first day of the Conference on November 15, in an international symposium entitled “A new vision for peace in Asia”, panelists from Japan, the Philippines, and South Korea talked about U.S. base issues in their countries.

Corazon Fabros, secretary general of the Nuclear-Free Philippines Coalition, first thanked Japan for its relief and aid efforts for victims of the recent super typhoon.

She pointed out that U.S. military has been increasing its presence in the Philippines through bilateral treaties and agreements despite the closure of the U.S. Subic Naval base 21 years ago.

Representing the South Korean NGO, the Center for Peace and Disarmament of People’s Solidarity Participatory Democracy, Park Jung Eun reported about the infringement on South Korea’s judicial sovereignty by the S. Korea-U.S. Status of Forces Agreement and the environmental destruction caused by U.S. military bases.

Former mayor of Ginowan City in Okinawa Prefecture Iha Yoichi said that in the prefecture, on which 74% of U.S. military bases in Japan are concentrated, people have been calling for the removal of U.S. bases for more than 50 years. Iha appealed to participants, saying, “Peace loving people in Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines should unite to work to realize a peaceful Asia.”

In the opening plenary held on November 16, Japanese Communist Party Vice Chair Ogata Yasuo delivered a speech as a guest speaker.

Ogata introduced the JCP draft resolution for its 26th Congress which proposes a plan for establishing a framework of peace in Northeast Asia. He said that the JCP will continue to make efforts for peace in Asia with neighboring countries in line with the plan.

After the closing plenary on November 17, participants paraded through the city’s downtown area holding placards that read, “No Ospreys!” and “Let’s make use of our Constitution!”
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