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2015 May 13 - 19 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

A society benefitting LGBT community will benefit all

May 18, 2015
‘Morning breeze’ column

LGBT activists have begun speaking out against discrimination against them through various actions including demonstrations. Their actions have attracted media attention, leading to increasing public awareness. Studies indicate that one in every 20 persons belongs to a sexual minority. It should be understood that sexual orientations vary greatly.

If a society shows intolerance to sexual minorities, many people are forced to conceal their true selves even from their family members and live a solitary life due to difficulties in fitting into and being accepted by society.

LGBT people’s hardships stem from social norms and cultural values that expect males to behave in a manly way and females in a womanly way. This is the gender role expectation which prevents individuals from defining gender in a fluid manner.

In a society where everyone can express themselves freely without being discriminated based on their gender identity and sexuality, life will be much better for all.

With a realization that social diversity is a source of human potential, people should mutually accept and respect their differences. This also helps enable a deeper and more tolerant and accepting understanding of various issues, including racism, ethnocentrism, and attitude toward the disabled.

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