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2016 August 31 - September 6 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

Power company loses in SLAPP suit over Kaminoseki NPP construction

August 31, 2016
The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc. has virtually lost the so-called “SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participation)” lawsuit against four residents opposing the construction of a nuclear power plant in Iwai-shima island in Yamaguchi’s Kaminoseki Town.

Chugoku Electric in December 2009 started the lawsuit targeting local anti-NPP group leader Shimizu Toshiyasu and three others involved in local protests against the NPP construction. In the court battle, the power company demanded that the four townspeople compensate the utility for a loss of 39 million yen which was caused by their protest actions against reclamation work for the NPP construction.

On August 30 in the Yamaguchi District Court, Chugoku Electric and the four defendants reached a court-mediated settlement in which the power company promised to abandon its demand for compensation and respect the defendants’ right to voice dissent to the reclamation work.

At a rally held after the settlement, Shimizu said, “The utility still intends to move ahead with the NPP construction. I’ll continue working hard to win the cancellation of the construction.”

The four defendants and their lawyers issued a statement which celebrates the settlement as a victory. In the statement, they expressed their determination, saying, “With this outcome, we will do our utmost to put a halt to the planned construction and change the national government’s policy promoting nuclear power generation.”

The Kaminoseki nuclear power plant construction project was announced almost 30 years ago. Meeting strong resistance from local residents, the project has made very little progress.

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