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2024 Jun 26 - Jul 02
2024 Jun 19 - 25
2024 Jun 12 - 18

Gov’t hid from Okinawa US airman’s sexual assault of minor for 3 months

A case involving a U.S. airman in Okinawa came to light on June 27 in which he had been indicted by the Naha District Public Prosecutors Office for the kidnapping and raping of a girl under the age of 16.

Okinawans strongly protest against Tokyo’s concealment of US soldier’s kidnapping and rape of underaged local girl

Anger and protests are growing in Okinawa, following the recent news report that the national government for the past three months has not notified the prefecture that a U.S. serviceman was indicted for allegedly sexually assaulting an Okinawan girl.

Yet another rape by US soldier concealed from public in advance of Okinawa assembly election

It has come into the open that yet another rape incident involving a U.S. soldier in Okinawa had been concealed for more than one month from the general public preceding the Okinawa Prefectural Assembly election.

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Opposition/citizens candidate for Tokyo governor holds campaign rally to increase voters’ support

Former Upper House member Renho, the candidate running in the July 7 Tokyo gubernatorial election w...
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