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2024 January 31 - February 6 TOP3 [POLITICS]

JCP Chair Tamura comments on PM Kishida’s policy speech

January 31, 2024

Japanese Communist Party Chair Tamura Tomoko in regard to a policy speech Prime Minister Kishida Fumio delivered on January 30 said, “He does not understand people’s anger and suffering at all. This is an empty policy; he has no intent to respond to public demands.”

Tamura said this in the Diet building when asked by reporters for comments on PM Kishida’s policy speech.

She pointed out that victims of the Noto Peninsula Earthquake are experiencing increased frustrations as relief supplies are not being sufficiently delivered to affected areas, and that some are still having to shelter in plastic greenhouses. However, PM Kishida in his speech mentioned a “package” of conventional relief measures. Tamura commented, “This does not constitute a message to the victims that the government will help them without fail.” PM Kishida boasted some new technology when he gave his impressions of his visit to the quake-hit region. Tamura said, “I cannot help but feel anger about his cold speech considering the tremendous damage the region has been suffering following the disaster.”

Regarding the unregistered fundraiser-income scandal involving Liberal Democratic Party factions, she pointed out that PM Kishida in his speech did not express his intent to try to uncover the whole truth. She said, “He does not seem to be aware that the situation is unacceptable for a functioning democracy. People are fed up with money-power corruption, but his attitude appears to be as if the scandal were someone else’s problem.” She added that all persons concerned should be summoned before the Diet as sworn witnesses.
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