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List of Past issues

 Ogata talks with CPV politburo member (March 30&April 1, 2023)
 JCP parliamentarian wins JDA-hosted ‘debater of the year’ award (March 9, 2023)
 Shii attends farewell reception for outgoing Chinese ambassador (February 23, 2023)
 Ogata holds talks with German Left Party politician (February 15, 2023)
 Shii calls for people’s support to donations for Turkey-Syria quake victims (February 10, 2023)
 Kasai attends Hong Kong ETO’s reception celebrating Luner New Year (February 9, 2023)
 Why is JCP negative about holding a direct election to choose party leader? (January 31, 2023)
 Koike and Kasai attend Mindan’s New Year party (January 14, 2023)
 JCP 7th CC Plenum resolves to achieve victories in nationwide simultaneous local elections and 1.3-fold increase in party strength (January 6, 2023)
 JCP talks with France Unbowed party lawmaker (December 29, 2022 & January 5, 2023)
 Ogata speaks at the European Left’s Congress (December 11 & 13, 2022)
 Shii sends telegram of condolence over death of ex-Chinese leader (December 2, 2022)
 JCP's political funds in 2021 (November 26, 2022)
 JCP proposal reflected in 'Istanbul Declaration' (November 20, 2022)
 Shii at ICAPP general assembly speaks on ways to establish war-free Asia (November 19, 2022)
 Ogata talks with Dutch socialist party, Belgium workers’ party, TPNW signatories meeting chair (November 16-18, 2022)
 JCP delegation visits left-wing and progressive parties in Europe to strengthen cooperation (November 9-13, 2022)
 CPV delegation visits Akahata editorial office (November 9, 2022)
 JCP lawmakers attend general meeting of Japanese and S.Korean parliamentarians’ unions (November 5, 2022)
 All 11 JCP candidates elected in 4 local assembly elections (November 1, 2022)
 Additional 246 JCP activists buried in JCP tomb (October 23 & 25, 2022)
 Shii answers questions from floor in JCP speech assembly (October 23, 2022)
 Shii talks with Cuban ambassador to Japan (October 18, 2022)
 All 4 JCP candidates win in Oyamazaki Town Assembly election in Kyoto (October 18, 2022)
 JCP holds 10th theoretical exchange meeting with CPV (October 14 & 15, 2022)
 CPV delegation meets with young JCP members (October 15, 2022)
 Shii and Koike attend South Korea's National Foundation Day reception (October 4, 2022)
 Shii attends reception celebrating 50th anniversary of Japan-China diplomatic normalization (September 30, 2022)
 Shii talks with LPRP executive on N-free world and peace in East Asia (September 29, 2022)
 Shii on 100th founding anniv.: JCP will develop relations with leftist/progressive parties in developed capitalist countries (September 18, 2022)
 Shii holds talks with CPV politburo member (September 15, 2022)
 Shii talks with new South Korean ambassador (September 13, 2022)
 All 5 JCP candidates win in Kami City Assembly election in Kochi Pref. (September 6, 2022)
 JCP chair places wreath on A-bomb monument in Hiroshima (August 7 & 9, 2022)
 JCP 29th Congress will be delayed in order to fully prepare for next spring’s nationwide local elections (August 2, 2022)
 JCP Chair Shii releases statement on 100th anniversary of JCP’s founding (July 15, 2022)
 JCP Ogata talks with Laotian ambassador to Japan (July 14, 2022)
 JCP issues statement on Upper House election results (July 12, 2022)
 JCP Ogata talks online with head of CPV external relations commission (July 6, 2022)
 JCP Vice Chair Ogata talks with Cuban ambassador (June 30, 2022)
 JCP Kira in forum for U30 talks about JCP policies (June 22, 2022)
 JCP Dietmembers attend farewell reception for South Korean ambassador (June 17, 2022)
 JCP Chair Shii talks with Swedish ambassador to Japan (June 9, 2022)
 JCP publishes July Upper House election platform (June 9, 2022)
 JCP 5th CC Plenum calls for strengthening JCP activities to achieve major advance in approaching Upper House election (June 4, 2022)
 JCP Kokuta attends Palestinian ambassador-hosted dinner (May 20, 2022)
 JCP Kasai attends talks held between new South Korean president and Japanese delegation (May 11 & 12, 2022)
 JCP Kasai attends meeting between Japanese lawmakers and delegation sent by incoming S. Korean leader (April 26, 2022)
 Shii answers question about issue on JCP Program and SDF (April 14, 2022)
 Shii meets with ICRC representative (April 13, 2022)

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