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2017 March 29 - April 4 [POLITICS]

JCP Koike slams Abe gov’t for approving use of prewar militaristic rescript in schools

April 4, 2017
Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head Koike Akira on April 3 condemned as “highly detestable” the recent Abe Cabinet decision which allows public schools to use the prewar Imperial Rescript on Education as teaching materials.

The Cabinet decision was issued in response to a written question from a Democratic Party lawmaker. It states that it is allowable to use the Imperial Rescript as educational materials “in a manner according to the Japanese Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education (revised in 2006)”.

At a press conference in the Diet building, Koike referred to the fact that both Houses of the Diet in 1948 adopted resolutions nullifying the edict on the grounds that it goes against the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education which were enacted after World War II.

Concerning the argument that the Imperial Rescript contains some good lessons to be learned, Koike stressed, “Its basic concept is to instruct students to sacrifice their lives for the Emperor in case of an emergency. The 12 virtues enumerated in the edict, such as filial piety, are all based on this idea.”

Koike pointed out that the latest Cabinet decision stands in line with the State Secrecy Act, the national security legislation (the war legislation), and the anti-conspiracy bill. “The JCP will continue to work to further strengthen public opposition to the Abe government move to turn Japan into a war-fighting nation,” he said.

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