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2017 September 20 - 26 [POLITICS]

Civil Alliance appeals to opposition parties to unite in general election

September 22, 2017
The Civil Alliance on September 21 released an urgent appeal calling on four opposition parties to cooperate in the anticipated snap general election in order to protect the Constitution and democracy, expressing its determination to stand together with the anti-Abe opposition forces to achieve victory in the election.

The appeal criticized Prime Minister Abe, who intends to dissolve the Lower House at the opening of an extraordinary session of the Diet, as abusing his power for the purpose of defending his own interests. It states that there is nothing to justify Abe’s calling a general election at this time. In the appeal, the Civil Alliance urged the Democratic, Japanese Communist, Liberal, and Social Democratic parties to join hands to foil Abe’s ambition to change Japan’s pacifist course under the postwar Constitution. Furthermore, the pro-constitution organization expressed its determination by saying that it will make its utmost to gain victory in the coming election when the four parties reach a consensus on electoral cooperation.

On this day, representatives of the Civil Alliance held a press conference in the Upper House members’ office building to publicize the appeal.

One of the Civil Alliance representatives, Hosei University Professor Yamaguchi Jiro said, “In the Upper House election last year, opposition parties/citizens alliance centering on unified candidates in 32 single-seat constituencies achieved positive results. I hope this experience will be reproduced in the coming general election.”

Takada Ken, who co-heads the All-Out Action Committee consisting of trade unions and a wide range of civil groups, said that what civil movements, including the Civil Alliance, hope to accomplish is for the opposition parties and concerned citizens to work together to establish a new government. He went on to say that his group will soon take action in preparation for the election.
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