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2020 May 27 - June 2 [JCP]

Shii condemns China’s imposition of national security legislation on Hong Kong

May 29, 2020
Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on May 28 published a statement titled, “JCP protests China's National Security Law over Hong Kong”.

At a press conference held on the day in the Diet building to release the statement, Shii said that the party will convey its view on the Hong Kong issue expressed in the statement to the Chinese government. The full text of the statement is as follows:

China’s parliament, the National People’s Congress, today approved a resolution on the creation of national security legislation and its enforcement organization. This is an attempt to bypass the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government and directly enact a law that corresponds to the national security law on mainland China banning rebellion, separatism, sedition, and state subversion. This move is clearly designed for further suppression of human rights and undermines China’s international commitment to the “One country, Two systems” framework. In addition, it is a serious problem that the resolution was passed under the situation in which Hong Kong activists have difficulties in taking action because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The JCP condemns the Chinese government’s resolution and demands that Beijing immediately stop its move to strengthen measures to suppress human rights in Hong Kong.

The Chinese government has been stressing the need to establish a new security law and enforcement bodies in Hong Kong as shown in a remark by China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi regarding the protest movements continuing since last year that together with illegal intervention by foreign countries, the protest movements pose a serious threat to China’s national security.

The Hong Kong authority applies the label “riots” or “terrorists” to Hong Kong citizens waging a protest against the introduction of the national security legislation under difficulties due to the coronavirus crisis.

The Chinese government claims that the target for the new law is limited. However, it is obvious that the law will cover citizens’ protest movements.

The Chinese government insists that as the Hong Kong issue is a domestic matter, any foreign intervention must not be allowed. However, each country is obliged to respect the basic human rights of its citizens based on various treaties and international law and thus, in the present-day international society, human rights violations are not just a domestic affair but also an international matter.

The Chinese government has internationally promised to uphold high-level autonomy for Hong Kong under the “One country, Two systems” scheme and guarantee various rights and liberties, including the freedom of expression, assembly, and association. Furthermore, it has supported and signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenants on Human Rights, and the Vienna Declaration on Human Rights.

The JCP demands that the Chinese government fulfill its international pledge regarding the “One nation, Two systems” scheme in Hong Kong and sincerely implement global agreements on human rights protection.

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