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2020 November 4 - 10 [US FORCES]

Number of takeoffs and landings of US military aircraft at Yokota AB hits record high

November 7,2020
The number of takeoffs and landings made by U.S. military aircraft at the U.S. Yokota Base in Tokyo between April and September exceeded 8,000, a new six-month record high since March 2003 when the U.S.-led Iraq war began, imposing serious noise damage to residents living near the base.

Akahata learned this on November 6 based on data regarding noise levels recorded by six municipalities hosting the Yokota Base in suburban Tokyo, such as Fussa City and Mizuho Town.

According to the Fussa City’s data, in a residential area on the south side of the base’s runway, the number of noise events defined as noise pollution reached 8,298, up 1,826 from the number recorded between April and September 2003 after the launch of the Iraq War. In addition, the Mizuho Town’s data shows that in a residential area on the north side of the runway, the number of noise incidents increased to 8,833, up 1,355 from that in 2003.

This may be because the functions of the Yokota base have been strengthening as shown in the deployment of CV-22 Ospreys to the base.

In October 2018, five CV-22 Osprey special operation aircraft were assigned to the base. After that, the five Ospreys frequently hold low-altitude flight training and takeoff and landing training throughout Japan. They also conduct frequent circular flights over residential districts near the base and hovering flights at the base.

Furthermore, there is an increase in the number of days spent by C130 transport aircraft, which were deployed to the Yokota base prior to the Osprey deployment, for flight training exercises which include low-altitude formation flight training and parachute training. On top of this, various types of military aircraft from fighter jets to large airplanes have flown there from other U.S. bases in Japan as well as from the U.S. mainland.

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