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2021 March 17 - 23 [POLITICS]

JCP Tamura: Mobilization of 10K medical workers to Summer Games will hamper nation’s fight against COVID-19

March 17, 2021

Japanese Communist Party member of the House of Councilors Tamura Tomoko on March 16 at a House committee meeting called for the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games by expressing concerns that the planned mobilization of 10,000 medical workers to the Games will negatively affect nation’s ability to fight against COVID-19.

At the House of Councilors Internal Affairs Committee meeting, Tamura criticized the government plan to form an anti-corona team consisting of about 10,000 medical workers as part of measures to hold the Summer Games under the pandemic condition.

Tamura asked about the extent to which the plan has been formulated. In response, the government only said that the organizing committee is working to give shape to the plan.

Tamura said, “The Tokyo Medical Association since last year has reiterated its opposition to the plan. I’m really concerned that amid the promotion of the vaccine project, the mobilization of 10,000 frontline workers to the Games for two months may block Japan’s path toward achieving an end to the pandemic in Japan.”

Furthermore, Tamura asked about how many athletes and other Olympic-related people will come to Japan if the Games is held as scheduled. In response, the government, while indicating the expected number of Olympic athletes, only said that the organizing committee is carefully calculating the expected numbers of foreign arrivals. Tamura said that without having an accurate estimate, it is impossible for the government to implement adequate border enforcement measures pertaining to safely holding the Olympics.

Tamura pointed out that the need is for the government to discuss with the IOC and the Japan organizing committee regarding options, including the option of giving up on opening the Summer Games based on the current pandemic situation in which a variety of variants of the virus have been found in Japan.

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