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2021 September 8 - 14 TOP3 [POLITICS]

All 3 candidates for LDP president show no difference from Abe and Suga policies

September 14, 2021

Three persons (former chairman of the LDP Policy Research Council Kishida Fumio, former Internal Affairs Minister Takaichi Sanae, and State Minister for Administrative Reform Kono Taro) have announced their candidacy for Liberal Democratic Party president, intensifying an intraparty contest for power. All the three have shown no difference from the Abe/Suga policy line.

The COVID-19 situation in Japan has been very serious. The bungled handling by the government with the forcible opening of the Olympics, which brought about an explosive spread of COVID-19, led to the near collapse of the country's medical services. Many patients are still being forced to recuperate at home due to the overwhelmed hospital situation. The three candidates, however, display no sign of reflecting on the Abe/Suga government handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Kono is also minister in charge of the coronavirus vaccination program. His lack of a clear policy created chaos in municipalities and hospitals due to a shortage of vaccine supplies. He, however, praised himself when announcing his candidacy on September 10 claiming that the rate of people who received a coronavirus vaccine shot in Japan "has caught up with that in the United States". Kishida, who served as the party's policy chief until September 2020, promoted the unpopular "Abenomasks" and "Go To" campaigns under the Abe government.

Regarding constitutional revision, the three figures maintain the same position as that of Abe and Suga.

Kishida at a news conference on September 13 said that Japan's possession of the capability to attack enemy bases is a major option in regard to the nation's security policy, calling for an increase in the military budget. Takaichi has repeatedly insisted at press conferences and in magazine interviews that Japan should have the capability to disable enemy bases with electromagnetic waves and to mount a preemptive strike without adherence to the UN Charter. Kono, when he was Defense Minister, presented his view that Japan should develop the capability to annihilate military bases in enemy countries.

Regarding nuclear power generation, Kono accepts the resumption of operations of offline reactors and their use if their safety is confirmed. Kishida promotes the reactivation of existing nuclear power stations and suggests that Japan draw up a strategy on nuclear fusion energy. Takaichi calls for the development of small reactors and fusion reactors.

Kishida says he has no intention to reinvestigate Abe's use of government funds for his own interests such as alleged in the "Moritomo Gakuen" scandal. Kono also said that there is no need to reinvestigate the series of allegations involving Abe. Takaichi only spoke of "measures to prevent a recurrence", turning her back on the call for an investigation to uncover the whole truth.

Kishida at a press conference held on September 13 said that he will not retract Suga's decision to not appoint the Science Council of Japan's nominees for Council membership.

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