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2021 September 29 - October 5 [POLITICS]

Shii comments on end of COVID-19 emergency measures across Japan

September 29, 2021

The government led by Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide on September 28 announced its decision to lift COVID-19 emergency measures, which cover 27 prefectures including Tokyo, at the end of this month as scheduled, making all 47 prefectures in Japan free of emergency restrictions for the first time since April.

Following the government decision, Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on the day held a press conference in the Diet building.

Shii stressed that it is unacceptable for the government to repeat the mistakes it made during the past waves. As an example, he cited the fact that amid the fifth wave of the COVID-19 surge in August, 250 people died at home due to the government’s recuperation-at-home policy which was introduced as response to hospital bed shortages. He said that at a time when the number of cases is on a downward trend, the important thing for the government is to make all-out efforts to prevent a possible “sixth wave”. At the same time, he went on to say, it is also necessary to be fully prepared for a possible next wave.

In this regard, Shii demanded that the government withdraw its policy of forcing COVID patients to recuperate at home in principle. He proposed that in order to enable all patients to have access to appropriate medical care in accordance with symptom severity, the government build more temporary medial facilities, improve the healthcare system, and enhance the functions of public health centers.

Shii pointed out that under a situation in which the highly contagious delta variant has become dominant, in order to protect Japan from being hit by a sixth wave, the promotion of mass PCR testing in combination with the vaccine rollout is vital. He added that the government should provide subsidies to support voluntary COVID-19 testing carried out at various locations, such as business offices, universities, schools, and childcare centers.

Shii pointed out that it is unacceptable for the government to terminate its support programs for struggling businesses on the grounds of the announcement of the end to emergency restrictions. He said that the government should continue providing financial support that allows businesses to maintain their jobs and ease their rent burdens. He also demanded the provision of 100,000 yen in cash benefits to each individual who experienced a loss of income due to the coronavirus outbreak and who are struggling to economically survive the pandemic.
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