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2021 October 13 - 19 [POLITICS]

Shii: PM Kishida provides no clear reply to my questions regarding government policies

October 13, 2021

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on October 12 at a press conference held following Diet interpellations in the Diet building said, “Prime Minister Kishida Fumio failed to give clear answers to my questions regarding key issues in domestic politics, such as turning away from neoliberalism, combating climate change, and promoting gender equality.

Shii made this remark when asked for his comment regarding PM Kishida’s response to Shii’s questions about the PM’s policy speech.

Shii said, “In my question regarding the need to turn away from neoliberalism, I pointed out that under the 9-year-long ‘Abenomics’ economic policy centering on the trickle-down economic theory, nothing trickled down to the general public. Nevertheless, PM Kishida did not admit to the failure of this policy.” He went on to say, “Kishida gave no answer to my demand for an end to preferential tax treatment to large corporations and the wealthy.” He said, “This clearly shows that PM Kishida’s economic policy is basically an extension of ‘Abenomics’.”

Regarding his question about the government policy on climate change, Shii said, “I asked PM Kishida if he intends to raise Japan’s current goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 42% by 2030 from the 2010 level to the same goal as other industrial countries which is a 50-60% reduction. He gave no reply.” He added that when he asked about the JCP’s proposed 2030 strategy, Kishida said nothing. He said, “It is obvious that the Kishida government has no clear plan to tackle climate change.”

Shii said, “PM Kishida refused to respond to my demand for an explanation as to why he omitted the gender equality issue from his policy speech.” In addition, he pointed out, “Kishida provided no clear answer to my question regarding the introduction of a selective dual surname system and a measure to oblige companies to release data concerning gender gap in wages.”

Shii said that PM Kishida failed to clearly answer his questions regarding other key issues, including the fight against COVID-19 and the “Moritomo” favoritism scandal. He said, “It is unacceptable for PM Kishida to go forward with the general election without explaining his policies on key issues.”
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