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2022 March 2 - 8 [POLITICS]

Japan’s parliament adopts resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

March 2 & 3, 2022
The Japanese House of Councilors on March 2 in its plenary session adopted a resolution by a majority vote, strongly condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The resolution was introduced jointly by ruling and opposition parties, including the Japanese Communist Party.

The resolution criticized Russia for violating Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. Citing the preamble of the Japanese Constitution stating that “all peoples of the world have the right to live in peace, free from fear and want”, the resolution pointed out that Ukraine people’s rights are being trampled on by Russia’s aggression. It stated that Russia’s act constitutes not only a clear infringement of international law prohibiting the use of force but also a grave violation of the UN Charter banning the use or the threat of use of force.

The resolution denounced Russia’s military action for bringing about a very serious situation that could undermine the very foundation of the international order, and urged Russia to immediately halt its military operations and withdraw troops from Ukraine. At the same time, the resolution states that as the only A-bombed nation in the world, it is totally unacceptable that President Putin made remarks implying that he would use nuclear weapons if no other choice remains.

The Upper House resolution demanded that the Japanese government, in line with the resolution, deal with Russia’s war in Ukraine in a swift and rigorous manner.

On the previous day, the House of Representatives adopted a similar resolution which urges the Kishida government to utilize all diplomatic resources and make efforts to restore peace in Ukraine.
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