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2022 March 30 - April 5 TOP3 [POLITICS]

Ex-PM Abe: strike at enemy's military nerve center without regard to Article 9

April 5, 2022

Former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo on April 3 in his hometown of Yamaguchi City said, "I see no need for Japan's military offensive capabilities to be limited to enemy bases. Japan should be able to strike the center of the enemy's military operations." He made this remark in support of Japan's possession of "capability to attack enemy bases".

Abe when appearing on a televised program aired on February 27 also said, "We'd better not be restrained from taking appropriate action by the phrase, 'capability to attack enemy bases'. In other words, Japan should strike an enemy's military nerve center and destroy the military infrastructure of an enemy country. Targets do not have to be military bases."

In the first place, the government has explained that Japan should possess an "enemy strike capability" only when the country has no other option but to strike enemy bases in order to prevent Japan from being attacked by the enemy's guided missiles. Abe's argument, however, shakes the foundation of this "unavoidable option" excuse.

His statement even hinted at including government organizations and relevant organs of state or the commander in chief of an enemy country as attack targets. This is no different from the aggression Russian President Vladimir Putin is waging against Ukraine.

Abe is making this irresponsible argument in complete disregard of the war-renouncing Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution.

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