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2022 May 18 - 24 TOP3 [POLITICS]

As demanded by JCP, gov’t will oblige companies to disclose gender gap in wages

May 22, 2022

Prime Minister Kishida Fumio on May 20 decided on a policy to oblige companies to make public their wage differences between male and female employees. This is a big step for Japan to address and reduce its gender wage gap, the worst among major economies. The JCP Diet efforts and public demand have moved the government to make this decision.

On the following day, at a street speech held in Kitakyushu City in Fukuoka Prefecture, JCP Chair Shii Kazuo referred to PM Kishida’s decision.

Shii pointed out that as a result of the gap between the annual earnings of men and women which amounts to 2.4 million yen on average, the wage gap over a 40-year career (the “lifetime wage gap”) amounts to 100 million yen. He stressed that in order to tackle the wage gap issue, the JCP in the Diet has demanded that the government instruct each company to disclose their information regarding wage disparities. As an example of JCP Diet efforts, Shii noted that in response to his interpellation in a House of Representatives plenary meeting in January, PM Kishida expressed his intent to consider requiring companies to report on their pay differences, which led to PM Kishida’s decision on May 20.

Stating, “It isn’t enough yet,” Shii stressed the need to further push the government to ensure the complete disclosure of corporate information regarding pay gaps, instruct each company to draw up a plan to correct gender inequality in wages, and establish a system to supervise and promote companies’ plans to establish pay equality.

Shii said, “The JCP seeks to turn Japan into a nation where the gender pay gap is literally eliminated. This is the same as creating the foundation for a gender-equal Japan.” He called on the audience to work together with the JCP to achieve this.

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