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2022 July 6 - 12 [POLITICS]

JCP secures 4 seats, down 2 from its pre-election strength

July 12, 2022

The Japanese Communist Party in the House of Councilors election on July 10 retained its seat in the Tokyo constituency and secured three seats in the proportional representation system, down two from its pre-election seats.

In the nationwide proportional representation bloc, the JCP received more than 3.6 million votes (6.8% of total vote cast), leading to the victory of three JCP candidates - Tamura Tomoko, Iwabuchi Tomo, and Nihi Sohei. In electoral districts, Yamazoe Taku succeeded reelection by coming in third place in the 6-member Tokyo district with 685,000 votes.

Regarding the eleven single-seat constituencies where opposition parties fielded a united candidate, a Constitutional Democratic Party candidate won a seat in Aomori and Nagano, respectively, as well as "All Okinawa" candidate Iha Yoichi in Okinawa.

The Liberal Democratic Party gained a working majority of 63 seats - 45 in electoral districts and 18 in proportional representation, down one. The Komei party secured all seven seats the party contested in electoral districts but lost one seat in proportional representation to six. The "Nippon Ishin no Kai" party increased its seats by one to four in electoral districts and by five to eight in proportional representation. The Democratic Party for the People decreased its seats by one to two in electoral districts and by one to three in proportional representation.

The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan secured ten seats in electoral districts but fell short of defeating an LDP rival in the three districts where a CDPJ incumbent stood for. In proportional representation, the CDPJ maintained seven seats. The "Reiwa Shinsengumi" party won a seat in the Tokyo constituency and two in proportional representation. The Social Democratic Party of Japan defended its only seat in proportional representation.

Two other minor parties won a seat in proportional representation, respectively.

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