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2022 September 28 - October 4 [POLITICS]

Shii: Hosoda should explain his ties with Moonies before Diet or resign as Lower Houser Speaker

September 30, 2022

House of Representatives Speaker Hosoda Hiroyuki (Liberal Democratic Party) on September 29 released an A-4 size document in which he admitted to his ties with the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, known as the Moonies or formerly the Unification Church.

According to the document, Hosoda between 2018 and 2019 attended four Moonies-related meetings and delivered speeches at two of the four meetings. He gave an interview regarding constitutional revision for a Moonies-related organization publication which appeared in 2019. In addition, he received the Moonies’ support for his election campaigns and played a role as an executive of two parliamentarians’ groups connected with the Moonies.

Hosoda in his document claims that he does not recognize that organizations affiliated with the Moonies commit acts that are against the law. He also said, “I’ll try to avoid forming a connection with organizations criticized as being antisocial,” but showed no intent to cut his ties with the Moonies.

Asked for a comment on the Hosoda document at a press conference in the Diet building, Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo said, “The document indicates that Hosoda is deeply connected with the Moonies,” and criticized Hosoda for showing no remorse for his link to the cult.

Shii noted that Hosoda in 2019 attended an international conference hosted by the Moonies-related organization with the presence of the Unification Church leader Haku Ja Han and remarked in his speech, “I’ll tell Prime Minister Abe the contents of this conference.” Shii said, “I think Hosoda’s remark is very serious as it indicated the possibility of the Moonies’ political influence. However, Hosoda mentioned nothing about his remark in his document. I believe he intends to keep secret important information regarding the Moonies scandal.”

Shii said, “It is unacceptable for Hosoda to draw a curtain on the matter with just a piece of paper. He should fulfill his accountability before the Diet regarding his connection with the Moonies. If he refuses to do so, he should resign as Lower House Speaker.”

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